VMware vExpert 2013! Thank you VMware!

I know I am late and this is already a old news by now! VMware has announced the list of awardees for VMware vExpert 2013 award. John Troyer & Corey Romero from VMWare Social Media Team announced the same on May 28th.  By the time I saw it was 29th early morning in Singapore. I had just returned from Kuala Lumpur, I was tired having returned from there having managed a large customer escalation of Hewlett-Packard. As a habit, I opened my Twitter on my iPad just after opening my eyes that morning and the first tweet I saw was by my favourite VDI guy: Andre Leibovici where he mentioned something like “3rd time vExpert in a row and still feels nice!” I was happy to see this as well as felt sad that I didn’t make it since I didn’t get any notification on my Gmail about the vExpert 2013 awardees result. I was almost confirmed I could not make it to the list. Just having controlled my heart-break I saw another tweet by John Troyer himself where he mentioned something like this “Finally the vExpert 2013 awardees list is ready. It was difficult to choose among so many nominations” I followed his link to see who are the known people made it to the list: http://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2013/05/vexpert-2013-awardees-announced.html


And to my utter surprise, I see my name listed just below another fav. techie of mine: Frank Denneman. Initially I could not believe my eyes! To convince myself further, I wore my spectacles and checked again and saw yes, it’s indeed my name with my twitter id: @AmitabhPancham [Pancham aka Rahul Dev Burman is my music guru! Don’t forget I am a musician too! ;)  ] To be honest, it was beyond my expectation to receive such a prestigious award like VMware vExpert! Thank you VMware for encouraging me and acknowledging my contribution!


Two people who encouraged me immensely were 1. Iwan Rahabok from VMware, Singapore: @e1_ang and 2. Preetam Zare: @techstarts.

Iwan Rahabok is a popular figure in the VMware community in Asia! He has been doing some incredible job out there in Singapore and has been helping users, customers relentlessly without caring for his professional benefits! In the last VMUG, while introducing myself to the audience, Iwan encouraged me to apply for vExpert. Trust me, I still didn’t think my contributions were commendable enough! Iwan is a vExpert 2103 too!

Preetam Zare, a popular figure with his acclaimed blog: vcp5.wordpress.com (and my ex-colleague from Microsoft, Bangalore) is the one who guided me to my journey to the Virtualization World! Few months back while I was talking to him over phone, he told me that my blog post were thought-provoking and I must apply for vExpert nomination. He is the first one who sent me the vExpert Nomination Form on his own to me as soon as it was out. Thanks Preetam! I am indebted to you! By the way, Preetam is a two-time vExpert awardee now (2012-2013)!

Another person, whom I can’t help but mention is Matthew Hardman ( Twitter: @realhardman ). Matthew is one of the greatest influential speakers I have seen on the local tech world! Great Matt! Keep it up! On couple of occasions, he has been kind enough to share my blog posts with his friends and followers! As always, I am still your fan! When you speak on stage, it’s great to listen!

Last but not least, it’s my friend Prasenjit Sarkar (@StretchCloud), Sr. MTS with VMware, Bangalore and distinguished blogger with his acclaimed blog: http://http://stretch-cloud.info/ who always encouraged me to come with my own blog! If today you see this registered website under my name: http://Amitabh-vWorld.Com it’s becuase of him. Thanks mate!

So, I had applied the vExpert award nomination on the Technical Evangelist path with my personal blog and other supporting stuffs and I am extremely happy to see VMware acknowledged the contribution to significant enough! It gives me more motivation to spread the knowledge and expertise! And I am honoured to be part of the distinguished people and that awesome vEXpert gang! You are simply awesome and doing some kind of great jobs!

With this vExpert 2013 award comes some more surprises and awards which are no less…

Tinri decides to give all the vExpert with a Personalised T-Shirt with their Twiter Id and some *** saying “All the vExperts, You are Rockstars!”: http://www.tintri.com/congratulations-2013-vexperts. Feels nice!

Nutanix gives all the vExperts with a Beer Pint Glass with your name printed on it: http://www.nutanix.com/blog/2013/06/11/recognizing-vexperts-as-evangelists-2/

And last but not least, TrainSignal, the leading IT training provider comes with this award exclusively for the vExpert winners: http://www.trainsignal.com/blog/2013-vexperts-trainsignal This award entitles all the vExpert award winners a FREE access to all the training materials of TrainSignal for one year! This is great!

Thank you for all the people around the world who supported my blog and I promise you to present it to you better this year!

Take Care & Stay Tuned! :-)

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