VMware vCloud Solution (IaaS) Further Explained

In my last post I spoke about IaaS Cloud Solution from VMware and different building blocks of it, also three different editions.  Here I will talk about them a little more and will try to simplify the vCloud Offering a bit more…

To explain further, I have borrowed another diagram from VMware. Please see below:

vCloud 2

So, the  components of vCloud Suite can majorly be divided into two categories:

A) Cloud Infrastructure: This category provides the core infrastructure of vCloud which consists of :

  • vSphere [for providing core Compute, Memory and Storage resources]
  • vCloud Networking and Security [for providing Networking Services like NAT, Routing etc.]
  • Site Recovery Manager [for BCP/DRP]
  • vCloud Director and vCloud Connector [for Provisioning and connecting to other Clouds]

B) Cloud Management:  provides the management functions of the Cloud Suite with the help of components like:

  • vFabric Application Director and vCloud Automation Center [to auto-deploy or self service of IT Services and Applications by users]
  • vCenter Operation Management Suite [for various operational statistics, event management, dashboards etc.]
  • vCenter Chargeback Manager [for resource utilization measurement and billing functionality]


In the next post we will compare the Three different editions of vCloud Suite… Stay Tuned!