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Recently the Sr. Product Manager of HP Software Services (Thanks Anil K.) invited me to have a look at HP’s initiative on the Performance Monitoring Solution in the Virtualization segment. Hewlett Packard has developed a wonderful enterprise class Virtualization Performance Monitoring Application, nicknamed “HP vPV” which is offered on a Freemium model. So, this model entitles the use of this excellent product FREE for 200 OS instances (including Hosts and VMs). After which you need to pay a premium to use for additional OS monitoring.

Off-late HP has been putting some serious, sincere efforts to enter into the Virtualization & Cloud Automation and Monitoring market with a range of products. HP vPV is one of them. The product is currently at 1.0 release state and upcoming feature releases are expected with additional features inclusion like support of Xen and KVM Hypervisors. Currently with the use of HP vPV 1.0 you can monitor VMWare vSphere Virtual Data Center and Microsoft Hyper-V based Virtual Clusters from a single console. The product gets installed in few seconds and you can get going to start monitoring your virtualized environment in less than 2-3 minutes. You can either install the software from .zip file or the Linux installer or deploy the virtual appliance which again consumes less memory and disk space compared to other virtual appliances available in the market.

The software uses Apache Tomcat Server and VMware Web Services SDK to pull the information from the vSphere environment. You connect to the VMware vSphere Virtual Data Center by connecting to the vCenter IP and credentials. And to use this software you don’t need to use the Administrative  credential, you can use Read-Only credential as well, making it suitable to be used by your HelpDesk or dedicated Monitoring Team.

I have just taken a demo of the product from the product team and it has indeed exceeded my expectations! I will talk about this product with more feature description and screenshots soon. The product can be downloaded FREE from this link: https://ssl.www8.hp.com/us/en/ssl/dlc/dlc_agreement.html?prodNumber=TF319AAE&siebelid=8-2LVTFCB&lang=en&cc=us&resouce_type=Trial%20Software&cpt_resource_type=&sectionid=software&subbu=TSG.Software&simpletitle=Virtualization%20Management,%20HP%20Virtualization%20Performance%20Viewer%20|%20HP%20Software

The product gives a comprehensive performance charts, graphs, trees, real time data in a colored structured which is easy to understand and identify the usage and bottlenecks without having to looked at the number charts. The unique feature of this product is it’s use of TreeMap structure by which it graphically represent the metrics and analysis reports. This also has an inventory module to help listing out the Virtualization components like how many Datastores, ESXi Hosts, VMs etc (a brief version of popular RVTools). It can go to extreme deep level to give the Administrator a complete picture of his/her Virtualized Data Center. Similar activities can be performed on a Hyper-V based environment as well. I am also told that the future release will include the support of KVM, Xen and OpenStack support making it a True Heterogeneous Virtualization Monitoring Solution.

I have included two screenshots from the Product Documentation Page to give a glimpse of it’s reports.




To know more about the product, visit this product page:  http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx%2F4AA4-2928ENW.pdf  or simply visit: www.hp.com/go/vpv. This is truly an enterprise class multi-hypervisor supported monitoring tool. And along with other upcoming automation and monitoring solution from HP, this is can be a real blessing to any Virtualization Administrator or Consultant.

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